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  • Maria Palozola - leading St. Louis-area Golf Teacher About Maria Palozola An Accomplished Golfer and Golf Instructor

    Maria Palozola was an accomplished ametuer and professional golfer who understands the challenges and enjoyment golf can offer.

    As a golf instructor, Maria has been recognized by leading Golf entities for her ability to teach others.

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  • St. Louis Golf Schools St. Louis Golf Schools St. Louis Golf Academies for Group Instruction

    Maria created the St. Louis Women's Golf Academy to offer women and junior girls a fun way to learn the game of golf along with others.

    The St. Louis Women's Golf Academy offers a proven, simple approach.

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A Top 50 LPGA Instructor

Top 50 LPGA Teacher

Maria has been named as a Top 50 LPGA Teacher in the World from 2008-2012 as well as the LPGA Midwest Teacher of the year in 2008 & 2011 for her instructional work.

An Accomplished Player

Accomplished Golfer

Maria holds three state titles. She was the Missouri State Amateur Champion in 1993, the 1992 and 1993 St. Louis District Champion, the 1987 Missouri State High School Champion and the 2002 Illinois Open Champion.

An Understanding Golf Instructor

Understanding Instructor

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Maria is a very determined and understanding instructor, she guarantees results and will work with you until you see them.

From Maria's Students

I'm an 11 handicap with the goal to be a scratch golfer, and since I've been working with Maria, I can actually see that being possible... Thanks Maria!

Dan James, St. Louis, Missouri


You restored my passion for golf! Learned more about the golf swing in one lesson with you than my 40 plus years of playing golf. I especially loved the visual feedback and analysis that you provided with video...

Dr. PG Schmitz, St. Louis, MO


I met Maria about 3 years ago at a point in my golf career when I was ready to walk away from the game!.. I was a mid to upper 90's golfer, and now I am an 8 handicap..

Pero Dudaric